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Cyclone PAM, category 5, the highest level (wind gusts of over 300km/h) devastated the archipelago of Vanuatu on 13 March.

After passage of the "monster", considerable work has been done in the first week to clean Port Vila, the capital. Food distributions, first aid were carried out in evacuation centers in the capital. But the situation remains very critical in Port Vila neighborhoods and unfortunately disastrous in the islands. For the moment, given the remoteness and lack of accessibility, few of them have been rescued. It will take a very substantial financial budget to rebuild the country.

We are a group of friends who lived in Vanuatu a few years ago and love this beautiful country and we set up the association SOLIDARITY VANUATU and created this site to help rapidly to the people of Vanuatu.

In concrete terms, here is the support we try to bring. The money we raise will be directly and quickly transmitted on behalf of the Alliance Française of Port Vila, led by Georges Cumbo. George and his team will directly redistribute these funds wherever there is urgency. Thus, for example, that emergency assistance have been provided to the inhabitants of the island of Matasso Friday, March 20 (see the News section).





This money will also be used to finance reconstruction projects, in the medium and long term, organized by the Alliance Française or by NGOs working on site (such as the Vanuatu Red Cross) when they will be mounted.
We have contacts (and friends) that act directly on site and are daily informed of the situation there, the last emergency needs. We try to respond quickly. These contacts include: Georges Cumbo, director of the Alliance Française of Port Vila and his team, his wife Christelle Thieffry, Erwan Pasco, Helene Langlais and Gregory Bouré (professors at the Lycée Français in Port Vila).

You can make donations online.

We ask that you read the information in this site that will help understand our approach. This will give you news about our relatives there and what we receive from them. We count on you to spread this message. Hoping this chain of solidarity to be long, very long ...

Thank you to those who have already made a donation last few hours .

Thank you to all those who will support us.

For Vanuatu, thank you!


Solidarité Vanuatu